Questions & Answers

Do you work alone ?


Sometimes I prefer working alone, but there are some events that require more than 2 eyes, if you are under 100 guests and you do all in the same location you would need just me but if you tell me more about your day I will suggest you the best solution.

When I don't work alone there is an Assistant or a Second Photographer That has been working beside me for a long time and I totally trust.

What's the difference between Assistant and Second Photographer ?


They are both identified as Profesional Photographer, but they have different responsibilities:

The assistant follows my directions, as a Photography Director I move the camera where I know is best and the assistant follows my lead.

As for the Second Photographer, he/she has big synergy with me, knows how I work and how I see things. I don't have to tell him/her anything…He/she is capable, if necessary, to carry on the wedding alone.

Where are you located, can you travel ?


I live in Italy, in Verona the city of Giulietta & Romeo, I do many weddings around here with couples from all other the world as well as with some locals.

I love traveling, meeting new people and visiting new awesome places. Actually, this is one of the reasons I chose Photography. I can travel all over Italy, Europe, worldwide, and even to the corners of the galaxy (weddings on the moon require travel costs :D)

Are there travel costs ?


I don't charge extra for travel expenses, meaning you will pay only for what i would spend on flights, accommodations or fuel,especially if the location is beyond 100km from Verona.

Where do you travel ?


I often travel around Italy. As you can see, my work is mostly concentrated in North of Italy, but I also worked in Tuscany, Puglia, Rome, Milano, Venice, Amalfi coast and Liguria. I also had the opportunity to work abroad like in Paris, San Francisco and Tokyo.

Travel is life

Pictures of stories & feelings from my travels

Travelling is the best way to grow, I try to travel as much as I can, for work and pleasure. If you can't find me in a wedding I'll probably be on plane.

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How much do we have to wait for the delivery ?


I don't take more then 3 month to delivery a full wedding gallery, i'm always faster then that, but quality need time, if you can't wait to have your memories, you can add to your package a fast delivery in 1 month guaranteed.


What do you delivery and how ?

All the good photos of the day, with a Fine-art post production in high resolution and a emotional slideshow, in a online gallery that last 18 month.

Are our photos safe ?


I'm obsessed with safety, and I will do my best to hold your memories in a safe place, from the moment i photograph your day my camera automatically register the photos in 2 different SD card simultaneously, when I go back to my studio I download the photos and make 2 backup on 2 different HD stored in 2 different places, when they are full, I buy new HD, so if you loose your photos even after the 18 month gallery I still have your photos, but pleas be safe with your memories.


Do you delivery RAW ?

I can but it is considered an extra service and needs to be approved by me.

If we are shy or We are not photogenic ?


Don't worry, by experience I know when to step in a situation but more important when to step out, all day I will use my Cloak of Invisibility and you can forget I'm there, there is only the moment of couples portrait or the group photos that I will give you some directions but don't worry it will be fast. Not photogenic? don't worry I will do my magic.

Do you make album ?


When I deliver the online gallery to you, inside you can find an Online store, with all possibilities of prints, frames and album, that you can imagine.


Do you have a drone ?

Yes I have a Drone with all the registrations and insurances needed, I always bring it with me but I will only use it in safe conditions dictated by laws and weather forecasts.