Questions and answers

You Working Alone ?


Sometimes I prefer working alone, but there is some event that need more then 2 eyes, if you are under 100 guests and you do all in the same location you need just me, but tell me more about your day and will suggest you the best solution.

When I don't work alone there is an Assistant or a Second Photographer that works in my study by long time an I totally trust.

Whats the difference between Assistant and Second Photographer ?


They are both Profesional Photographer, but they have different responsibilities:

The Assistant follow my direction, as a Photography Director I move the camere where I think is better an Assistant completely follow my lead.

The Second Photographer have a big synergy with me, know how I work and how I see things, I don't have nothing to say he/she already Know what to do and also he/she able to, only in case of necessity, do a wedding alone.

Where are you located, can you travel ?


I Leave in Italy, in Verona the city of Giulietta & Romeo, I do many weddings around here with couple from all other the world and also some locals.

I love travel, this is one of the reason I choose Photography, meet new people and see new awesome place, I can travel all over the Italy, Europe, world and until the corner of the galaxy. (weddings on the moon need travel cost)

There is Travel costs ?


I do not charge extra for travel expenses, which means you will pay exactly the same amount of money I spend for flights and accommodations or fuel, if there is any or if is more far then 100km (60mil) form Verona, not even an extra cent.

Where do you travel ?


I often travel the Italy, as you can see on my work, mostly I work in North Italy but also, Tuscany, Puglia, Rome, Milano, Venice, Amalfi coast and Liguria, I also had some work in Paris, San Francisco and Tokyo.

Travel is life

elopement wedding photographer Italy

Pictures of stories & feelings from my travel

Travel is the best way to grow, I try to travel much as I can, for work and for pleasure, if you can't find me on a wedding you can find me on a plane.

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How much do we have to wait for the delivery ?


I don't take more then 3 moth to delivery a full wedding gallery, i'm always faster then that, but quality need time, if you can't wait to have your memories, you can ad to your package a fast delivery in 1 month guaranteed.


What do you delivery and how ?

All the good photos of the day, with a Fine-art post production in high resolution and a emotional slideshow, in a online gallery that last 18 month.

Our photos are in safe ?


I'm obsessed with safety, and I will do my best to hold your memories in a safe place, from the moment i photograph your day my camera automatically register the photos in 2 different SD card simultaneously, when I go back to my studio I download the photos and make 2 backup on 2 different HD stored in 2 different place, when they are full, I buy new HD, so if you loose your photos even after the 18 month gallery I still have your photos, but pleas be safe with your memory.


Do you delivery RAW ?

I can but is an extra service and need to be approved by me.

If we are shy or We are not photogenic ?


Don't worry, by experience I know when step in a situation but more important when step out, all day I will use my Cloak of Invisibility and you can forgot that I'm there, there is only the moment of couples portrait or the group photos that I will give you some direction but don't worry it will be fast. Not photogenic? don't worry I will do my magic.

Do you make album ?


When I deliver the online gallery to you, inside you can find also an Online shop, with all the prints, frames and album, that you can imagine.

Do you have a drone ?


yes I have a Drone with all the registration and insurance, I always bring him with me, but I will fly only in safety condition by law and weather.