Romantic Destination wedding photographer
Fotografo matrimonio romantico

Hi, I'm Enrico

Romantic Destination wedding photographer

My name is Enrico Vallicella and i'm a Romantic Destination wedding photographer based in Italy. When you’re asked about the reason you love your significant other, you’ll find it near impossible to put it into words. Your nights out, arguments, special dates, and moments of telepathy all come together to shape the love you’ve built, the same love that’s managed to prevail even on the darker days. And today, you’re eager to see them walk down the aisle, preparing to embark on a life of evergreen love. How does that feel? Stressful at times, but once you start thinking about the future ahead, your butterflies immediately come to life. I’ve been there, and done that, and I know exactly how you feel: That’s why I’m able to capture every teary-eyed guest, every passion-filled kiss, and every look that says “I want you here forever”.

I understand what planning a wedding is like. You want everything to turn out perfect, for all the vendors to be on point, and for every moment to be spectacular. That’s why I can show up, blend in, and never disrupt your magical day, and still capture charming close-ups of every memory you’ll want to cherish.


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Romantic Destination wedding photographer

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Romantic Destination wedding photographer

AMARCORD is an Italian slang term that means “more than I remember”, from the title of a 1973 film by F. Fellini - “I remember, a nostalgic re-enactment of the past”. It’s explained by the film in these words.

“When we revisit our memories, we experience the same powerful emotion, and a tear of joy will flow down our cheeks, and that’s Amarcord.”

Romantic Destination wedding photographer

Since 2014, I have captured the valuable memories of over 300 weddings. I’m driven and enthused by love in the slightest details. Your first look, the empty venue that speaks of anticipation, and the excited guests eagerly waiting for the bride to steal the show.

I bring this compassion with me to every wedding, and with every click of the camera’s shutter, I freeze time and capture your memories into visual experiences that you can relive for decades to come.

Every cherished moment, every second of the biggest day of your life, and every time you whisper into your loved one’s ears to tell them how gorgeous they look will all be yours to keep.

No Matter What

I Believe In Love

Romantic Destination Wedding Photographer in Italy

Romantic Destination wedding photographer